Dance Monkey (Tones and I) - Piano Acoustic Cover - Sam Tsui

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So excited to be bringing you a new original song on the 20th of EVERY month this year as part of my new album project, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop giving you guys covers and mashups! Wanted to strip back this super fun song and do a little piano/vocal arrangement so if always, if you like you can download, stream, and add to your favorite playlists!! Keep an eye out for my March single coming in a little over a week!!

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Welcome the the Samily! What began with a love of pop music - deconstructing and reinterpreting some of my favorite songs into creative covers, medleys, and mashups - has taken me on a journey that now allows me to release original albums and songs, create epic music videos, and tour around the world to meet the amazing fans that make it all possible. Subscribe to hear great music, join me and discover my story (with behind-the-scenes videos and vlogs) and make sure you never miss an upload by clicking that bell!

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Sam Tsui
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